Monday, 11 April 2011


This jewelry will most certainly get you in the desired mood. It is interesting and highly unorthodox with an extremely interesting idea.

These rings look a bit creepy and slimy. But it’s just a matter of taste if you’ll consider wearing something like this on your finger.

Take a look at this unusual necklace, it “decorated” with lots of white mice. I don’t think that they are real; otherwise PETA would have its say!

If it is not weird enough for you and you still believe in the Tooth Fairy, maybe you’ll consider wearing something like this. A tooth on your ring, just in case the Fairy comes by.

Some people don’t feel comfortable when they have to have their hair cut, so if you’re one of them here is a solution for you, you won’t have to be apart from you favorite stray of hair.

If you liked the old times when the gentlemen were walking around opening doors for young girls, speaking courteously and giving flowers for a present, then you will most certainly like this piece of jewelry.

This piece of jewelry looks a bit extravagant and its purpose is to shock people. Poor birdie, however.

If you are homesick this is the perfect ring for you, you can take your home with you everywhere you go.

Diamonds are girl’s best friend, so if you are having second thoughts about the ring, choose this one so she knows it’s real.

Be the first one to wear it, it’s a new kind of jewelry, the jewelry four your eye. But maybe it’s a bit too much.

I don’t think that girls who used to play with Barbie thought that of one day they will be wearing such jewelry.

This roll of toilet paper ought to be used only in the case of emergency.

I’m not sure what the purpose of this face distorting jewelry is, but ok, as long as it’s in vogue!

This is a good way to charm a boy.

This is not a good way to quit smoking!
Take a look at some more unorthodox jewelry:


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